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Subfamily Dioctriinae

Subfamily: Dioctriinae Diagnostic features


Prosternum dissociated by a membranous area for proepisternum.  


Antenna as long as or longer than height of head, situated on a high tubercle

near the vertex.  Antenna elongate, slender, with apical, spoon-shaped micro-segment enclosing a spine.    

Small, delicate, asetose flies


Dissociated prosternum

Key to the South Korean Species of the Genus Dioctria Meigen

  1. Postpronotal lobe (humeral callus) yellow . . . 2

  - Postpronotal lobe black . . . 3

  2. 1st antennal segment 2 times as long as segment 2; wings faintly spotted black medially . . .  Dioctria humeralis eoa Lehr

   -  1st antennal segment less than 2 times as long as segment 2; wing clearly black on basal half only . . . Dioctria vainsteini Lehr

   3. Abdomen jet black, evenly covered with fine yellow hair; hind femur yellow . . . Dioctria keremza Richter

    - Abdomen with pale yellow markings; hind femur with distinct, broad black band, apices yellow . . . Dioctria aestivis Esipenko

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