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Subfamily Stichopogoninae

Subfamily: Stichopogoninae Diagnostic features


Prosternum fused to  proepisternum


Frons narrowed at level of antenna insertion, acutely diverging widely towards apex (eyes more distant at vertex than at antennal level)

Small to minute, delicate flies



prosternum fused to proepisternum

Key to the South Korean Genera of Stichopogoninae 

  1. Wing cell m3 with basal stalk; facial gibbosity not exceptionally protuberant/prominent, low in profile; small 3.5-8mm, delicate, mostly grey flies . . . Stichopogon

  -   Wing cell m3 without basal stalk . . . 2

   2. Facial gibbosity protuberant, high in profile, prominent; larger, more robust dark flies . . . Lasiopogon

    - Facial gibbosity not exceptionally protuberant/prominent, low in profile, similar to Stichopogon; delicate, often heavily setose flies . . . Clinopogon

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